I just added Chefville to the Game Bonus Checker:

Chefville Bonus Checker

3 Responses to “Chefville”

  • Beth says:

    I was wondering when you use the app for FV after you have claimed it it no longer shows up in you list of bonuses Are you going to fix Chefville so it will do the same. It gets frustrating when you go through and claim them all then come back to see if there are any new ones you get all of the ones you have already claimed.

    • karedas says:

      I just fixed it.
      A letter that mysteriously changed from lowercase to uppercase in a vonfig file.
      Must be some sort of aliens acting on servers. Or just me not being 100% at what I’m doing when I code.

  • Beth says:

    Thank you this really helps. Oh and by the way Thnkz for the APP! :-)

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