How to unhide a game on facebook ?

This is the old version related to old facebook’s interface. The tutorial to unhjide posts on new Facebook interface can be found there.

If a game’s posts are hiden from your wall, the bonus checker won’t be able to read the posts to search for bonuses.

If you did hide a game’s posts on your wall, here’s how you can get the posts to show on your wall again, on my exemple I did hide posts by Frontierville.

You have to be on your home with Top News option:

1- If you’re not on your home click home on top right corner of Facebook

2- Click on “Top news” (if its black and bold you’re on top news already”

How to unhide a game a game on facebook 1

3- Scroll to the very bottom of the wall and click on “Edit Options” link

How to unhide a game on facebook 24- In the window that pops click on “Applications”

5- Find the game you want the posts’ to appear on your wall and click “Add to news feed” button

6- Click on Close button

How to unhide a game on facebook 3

The posts will be back on your wall.

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42 Responses to “How to unhide a game on facebook ?”

  • I have no friend, page, or application blocked from my new feed. I still cannot access farmville bonus checker. Please help. I am missing out on a lot.

  • judy says:

    no i can’t see post from the game on my wall is there something i can do because it is not hidden according to instructions posted. thanks

  • sheena says:

    when i go to edit options it only says newsfeed settings and says about which friends you want to hide but no choice of applications

  • Anne Marie says:

    There no long is a page or application option when clicking edit options

    • karedas says:

      I tryed 10 seconds ago and it’s still there.
      Did you make sure that you’re ont ‘Top News’ option and not ‘Most Recent’ ?

  • Anne Marie says:

    Yep I found it finally . * facepalm*

  • Jeanie Morgan says:

    Why don’t you have the “fertilize all” gifts on the checker for Farmville?

    • karedas says:

      Can you paste here the text that comes whit this bonus ?
      “wants to celebrate the occasion by sharing a Fertilize All with their friends” should be recognised as ‘fertilize all’ bonus.

  • james amoguis says:

    its a very nice game!

  • Nathalie says:

    i get a messege saying that i have bonuscheker on hiden but when i follow the instuctions on the top of this page i dont have the option of choosing friends, application and pages. it just gives me a box with show more friends or hide friends.

    • karedas says:

      You’re on ‘Most Recent’ feed when click ‘edit option’.
      You should be on ‘Top News’ feed.
      Step 2 of my guide

      • Joanna says:

        Please update the instructions, as these are different with the new profile. Now, you can be on “Most Recent”, use the drop-down menu to select “Edit Options”, and go from there. The screenshots are different now.

  • Ruth A Mayer says:

    I have done what the instructions given say to do for unblocking feed, but still nothing comes through. Tried this over a week ago and it is very frustrating. Love the game, but Frontierville takes a lot longer when you get nothing in the feed.
    It shows up on my wall when I post, but no one else’s posts show for me in the newsfeed. What else can I try???

    • karedas says:

      If you’re 100% sure that game’s feed is not hidden and you still not see it on news feed, you should contact facebook support about this.

  • Terri S says:

    I went to edit option and do not have an application tab but I know I have hidden the game but can not unhide it like the help section says to do. All it shows is for friends to show or hide but no application. I would like to have farmville to show up on my feed again please help.

    • karedas says:

      Same answer as above comment. Don’t miss step 2.

    • Joanna says:

      I was not getting Farmville posts from friends on my news feed. I fixed it by going to the Farmville application page, unliking it, then liking it again. Problem solved!

  • Sis says:

    Hello, couldn’t find the answer after perusing. Is there a way to put the LIST of bonus checkers at the top of the FV bonus checker, it used to be there and it’s been missing a couple days. When you look at the other bonus checkers, the nice list is at the top of those. unless you’ve had to remove the list to speed things up, though I’m not sure how that works. Thanks!!!

    Also, what am I doing wrong if I can never see any gold eggs on my FV bonus checker? they used to be there at the beginning of the year, but haven’t seen any and have to go looking for them. By the time I find them they’re of course gone. And one more thing I couldn’t find an answer: Why do only some folks show up on my FV BC and others do not(?) I’ll happen on someone’s feeds and wonder why they never showed up on FVBC :)

    thank you for your time and for a wonderful tool! Love FVBC

    • karedas says:

      I had to move the other bonus checkers list on a tab because as I add new checkers it becomes bigger and bigger and it started making people having to scroll to find the bonuses list.
      If one needs quicker access to the list, I may use some javascript to make the tab with the list on it loads faster or maybe add a simple link that would open a box with the list above current checker.
      It’s on a tab for now, but it’s not definitive, just there to let the time to think and code something else, bonus checkers are in constant evolution.

      I remember adding golden eggs when they appeared, I’ll check string recognition rules, just in case I may have add a new string recognition rule that replace golden eggs one. I’ll also check if any user has any golden eggs.

      The friends not appearing on FVBV, do you only see their posts on their feed or also on your news feed ? Facebook only gives access to what’s visible on your own neews feed.
      If any rule inside facebook (hiding a game’s feed, hiding a friend, the friend that change privacy of their posts) make a post not visible on your news feed, it won’t be queriable by applications.

  • Chris says:

    I am new to bonus checker. How do you pick up your bonus’s for each game?

    Thank you.

  • Monique says:

    Thank you, your assistance did the trick.

  • Wendy Collins says:

    TY worked like a charm!

  • mary says:

    I have re-read everything and I am still having trouble. It still does not show anything when I click into it bonus checker. It does not explain how to post anything either. someone said that when you post a gift you hit skip it will show up on the bonus checker. I have tried that and it did not work.

    • karedas says:

      If you hit skip when postnig a gift, it won’t appear anywhere as it’s not posted.
      ‘skip’ button on facebook posting form is used to skip all the posting.

      • mary says:

        I still don’t under stand how things are posted on the bonus site. How do you add friends to the list and can you get others to join that are not on your games.

        • karedas says:

          Nothing is specificaly posted to bonus checker.
          Bonus checkers can only display bonuses that are posted on your news feed.

  • lilshopr says:

    memory size is exhausted??????? What do i do?

  • Katie M says:

    Hi, steps 4 and down aren’t right anymore with the new facebook layout (yet another one, they always make it worse). Does anyone know how to unhide things with the new layout?


  • Misato Katsuragi says:

    Thanks! This made my day!

  • Elfie says:

    You need to unhide the page of Frontierville/Zynga as well. Scroll down in the list. If you unhide this, the feeds of Frontierville will be removed too. Strange, but it worked. :)

  • nehal khambhayata says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have followed the procedure as instructed above, but while clicking the “edit option” >> “hidden from news feed” should open but I am getting “edit from news feed setting” so pls help me how to get the “Hidden from News Feed” window so I can unhide FV from my wall.

  • cathy rhoton says:

    Is there a collect all button for the bonus collector?

  • Judy Torres says:

    . . . why are my xp’s and coin bonuses not showing up on my farmville bonus checker??? they were before?? i checked in option and they are in GREEN not RED . . so, i cannot figure out how come they are not on there . . they do show up on the home and topnews pages . . that’s how i know there are some . . butwhen i go to bonus checkers page . . they are not there . . 5 days now . . thought i would ask if anyone knows why . . they did change the little picture of the xp star . . could this be why . . maybe xo’s are under another title now?? not XP BONUS . . title??

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