Bonus Checkers are not cheating applications.

Some people, even without ever trying the bonus checkers or knowing what they are, put it on the ‘cheating apps’ bag. Here’s why the bonus checkers applications are not cheat apps.

According to Facebook’s and games developper’s ToS cheating is always relating to either automation or getting things you shouldn’t get.

- bonus checkers will never get you anything that is not posted on your wall
- bonus checkers don’t automate any action, you have to manually click the links to gather the bonuses

Bonus checkers don’t use anything else than tools provided by facebook to read the walls, in fact it never reads the wall, it directly ask facebook’s databases for the data using tools coded by facebook and given to application developpers, these tools for exemple don’t allow to read posts that aren’t visible on your wall (that’s why when you hide a game’s feed on wall, the related bonus checker won’t work).

The links you click on bonus checkers are exactly the same as the links you’d click on your wall, you easily can verify that comparing the links of bonus checkers and wall (right click->copy the link’s adress).

The bonus checkers won’t do anything while you’re not in front of your computer (unlike some well know apps that you launch, go to work, and enjoy the bonuses when you’re back home). As said above, you have to manually click the links, it won’t even look for new bonuses while you’re not there, it only looks for new bonuses when you refresh the page.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post a comment, I’ll edit this page based on reactions.

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51 Responses to “Bonus Checkers are not cheating applications.”

  • Noah says:

    Is there any way to actually have the like button pressed while manually collecting bonuses using the bonus checker. This is the only option I would really like. If not, is there a way to know from whom you re collecting that way I can go there personally and press the like button or leave comment. Sometimes the name appears but most time it does not. It only usually always appears when the item you are trying to collect is not available. Thanks.

    • karedas says:

      For like button, I’m working on finding a way to have a like link on bonus checkers that would like the post the bonus where posted on. I haven’t find a way to do that yet, but will surely find a workaround.

      If I can’t do that to like from inside the bonus checkers, I’ll add the name of the person that posted the bonus, or even a link that will open a page with the original post (where you’ll be able to comment or like it).

      • Steve Shaw says:

        Re showing the original post (complete with “Like” and “Comment” options, and showing any comments that have been made):

        This would be a good alternative to automatically checking “Like”.

        In fact, I would like a way to see all the bonuses, with more complete information than is shown on the current summary page. For example, is it possible to indicate which ones I’ve ALREADY marked Like on? I tend to come back later, and then I’m not sure which ones I’ve marked. Similarly, is it possible to indicate which ones ANYONE has marked like or commented on?

        • karedas says:

          I’m against automatic “like”. In fact I’m against anything that’s too intrusive, people must keep the hand on their posts.

          I plan to add a like button for each bonus displayed on bonus checker.
          Only problem is: last time I tryed, liking through the new Graph API didn’t work.
          I’ll have a new try soon to see if it evolved.

          • Steve Shaw says:

            From my perspective, automatic “like” is not intrusive, quite the opposite. It is a friendly way to use a bonus checker. It informs neighbors that you have claimed an item.

            If there is no option for automatic “like”, nor some alternative solution (see next paragraph), then we will have to strongly discourage newcomers to our neighborhood from using this application (as we already do for other apps). Reason: since they are not seeing the original posts, they are not being reminded that our neighborhood policy is to check “Like” or leave a comment. Too easy to simply click on each post they want to claim. Will likely lead to them being de-friended.

            An alternative solution is to more completely represent the existing posts. That is, to show whether you have clicked like, others have clicked like, and whether you or others have left comments. Combined with a way to get to the original post, if want to see the exact details, and leave a custom comment. Is this practical? More suitable to how you envision this app working?

          • karedas says:

            I know that many users are against an imposed auto like, plus I’m almost sure it’s against facebook’s ToS (no automation of any kind).

            But I’m thinking about your second idea. I thought about giving more info about post, providing a link to it, or even show full post, when I recoded the bonus checker to use new graph API. So far I kept icon-only display to keep the simpliest display that is the main purpose of the bonus checker since I imagined it. But stating the most request I had were to ‘see poster’s name’ and ‘be able to like’ I may change my mind. I’d just have to find a way to display more info keeping the simpliest display as possible.

          • Steve Shaw says:

            “imposed auto-like”. But it wouldn’t be imposed – it would be an option, that people can use to be friendly to their neighbors.

            “no automation of any kind”. I would argue that (a) it isn’t automation. The user still clicks once, for one action in Farmville. All it adds is an indication IN FACEBOOK that the user did the action. Farmville is not affected, nor even aware, of this FACEBOOK feature!

          • karedas says:

            As an option only, liking could be automatic after each click, but I still have to check facebook’s ToS, as it may not be ok to like without the users clicking on a ‘like’ button.

          • Steve Shaw says:

            (oops, didn’t finish what I was saying)
            (left out “(b)” before the second part, that it affected only a Facebook feature, independent of Farmville.) and besides, it is has only a positive impact on others.

            On the other hand, I understand being extremely cautious to avoid any possible interpretation of violating the TOS.

            And that “providing more information” is more appealing direction to you. The most basic information is “has someone already been here”? A “touched” indicator, that someone (including me) has marked like or left a comment. Add to this a link to bring up the original post. And for convenience, the Facebook “Like” link. (And when I click this, also toggle the “touched” indicator)

          • Steve Shaw says:

            One more thought: if the user does a click, and this does one farmville action, and one facebook action, then I would think that would honor any TOS. It certainly honors the intent of any TOS clause related to automation.

          • karedas says:

            For the touched indicator, it’s not possible, Facebook doesn’t allow application to display informations that are not accessible through facebook itself, thus I can’t tell you if a user already clicked a link without violating ToS.
            But to get an idea of how many people used the link already, I could display the number of likes (I think I get it when requesting the stream).
            For the autolike, I’ll check if it’s possible regarding to the ToS, and test the code again to see if graph API is repaired and if it’s now possible to like from an application.

          • Steve Shaw says:

            I realize that a true “touched” indicator is not possible. That is why I described the feature as being based on the information that *is* visible through Facebook: The best approximation we have to whether the link has been touched, is whether anyone has either (a) clicked like or (b) left a comment. Putting a number for # of likes would partially address this. Can you do the same thing for # of comments?

            If so, then what I am saying is that you could simplify the info displayed as follows: an indicator “that there is more information in the original post”; e.g. at least one person has either clicked like or left a comment. This is what I was calling a “touched” indicator — because it tells us someone was there.

            If this isn’t possible for comments, then just knowing about likes would be fine. Then if you add a “Like” link, neighbors can communicate with each other as we do in our neighborhood. Like == “I’ve been here”

          • karedas says:

            When I get posts list from Facebook, they’re delivered with post count and comment count, I could display it. The only problem is that unless I refresh every single post’s info each time you load bonus checker, I’ll display the counts at the time bonus checker got the post (in case you log of without collecting and get post display agin at next load counts won’t be refreshed).

            It’s also delivered with a permalink to the original post that I could display.

            I finaly found a way to like a post when you click it, I’ll add a ‘Like and collect’ link.

      • ladyneeva says:

        re: automatic ‘liking’ or even a setting/switch to allow you to ‘like’ everything you take…

        Facebook is REALLY coming down hard on people who like tons of game posts, as it is considered both by Facebook as well as by many users to be SPAMMING. They can and will suspend your ability to like posts, and the message you get when they do so says that repeated infractions will lead to your account being terminated.

        I know people who are in favor of this practice are just trying to be nice, but I’m also sure they don’t want to lose their Facebook (and thus, Farmville) accounts. And hopefully they would feel really awful if they promoted this idea and a newbie got their accounts disabled for spamming.

        • karedas says:

          So far I haven’t added this feature, and it may never be added.
          I too doubt of it’s usefullness.

        • Outre says:

          Many people I game with don’t use it to be nice, they use it as a “placeholder” as in “I already clicked that”. I use it sometimes on the News Feed if I’m hanging out there.

          However, I wouldn’t want this as an auto feature. Why? Because it annoys me very much when I’m IN the game and someone is “liking” all of my posts. That annoying Facebook “feature” that runs notifications up the side of the game window is ridiculous. I’ve asked people not to do it, or to stop using whatever “method” they are to do it so fast.

          No, I don’t want to see this added to Bonus Checkers.

  • Me says:

    Do Bonus checkers have Farmville Approval since they just tightened the terms? I dont want to loose my farm and things in my gift box for another program I didnt make nor approved of just thinking out loud? ANybody KNow for SURE?

    • karedas says:

      Zynga asked to stop using their icons, that’s why I don’t use original icons. After that they haven’t contacted me again about bonus checkers being against ToS.
      Bonus Checkers have been running for a year now, thay only asked me to remove original icons at the begining.

      • Maya says:

        I saw on the frontierville forums that bonus checkers are a violation of Zynga’s TOS. Do you know anything about that?
        It was posted by a super mod or someone like that.
        I am super curious and anxious because I have been using 3 of your bonus checkers and I don’t want to lose my accounts for those games.

        • karedas says:

          Bonus Checkers don’t violate any part of Zynga’s ToS.
          I’ve read the latest ToS released last month, and didn’t notice any part that could make bonus checkers break it.

  • I think the bigest problem is people are confusing the bonus checker with the “grab Bar type” program that rapes your pages of gifts even if you are off line.

    Bonus Checker only works when you call it up and compiles a list of all the feeds at that moment you request it. It dosen’t GRAB anything. You have to “click” to get what you want and everyone has the same opportunities as the page feed (first come first served)…It’s fair!

    A few checker are approved on the FB apps page and if it’s against the rules I’m sure it wouldn’t be posted. So CLICK on bonus checkers!

  • Rose says:

    Hi ..I had someone who is a friend on FV give me a choice of deleting this app or she would wipe me as a friend on FV…her reasoning is that those who are honest cannot get to the wall in time to collect as this app helps players get them faster and the ones who take the time to go to all the walls miss out. I know that some people prefer not to have this app and would probably miss out if they are not fast enough on the wall…. but I don’t like being called dishonest. I can’t see a problem with it but this other person does and is seems to take this very seriously. What can I say to her to convince her otherwise.

    • karedas says:

      I don’t know what can be told to these people, bonus checker is open to everyone, and doesn’t really provide any unfair advantage.
      If I go to work with public bus, and a work mate tells me that I’m an unfair lazy guy because he comes by feet, even if public bus stops in front of his house.
      What can be said to that ?

    • I would be diplomatic. It’s listed as a FB app, so FB endorses it. The program only compiles a listing of avail gifts, not grabbing and accepting anything.

      Sometimes people don’t understand the app so they rejects it all together. If your friend still wishes to dump you for using a legit FB app then she/he isn’t really a friend at all.

      Honestly, I use it, but very seldom, just if I need a specific item to complete a task. It just makes it easier than going to all my friends homepages to look for that item.

  • JG says:

    I was wondering how often you update the bonuses. I do alot of grabbing from my wall before using this option, but it has been a great help! I rely on this as a back-up to anything I have missed. I do find that there is a few day’s lag on updating the bonuses. Is there any reason for this?

  • Rose says:

    Thanks for your input people, I have been wiped out as a farmville friend by her..I am not too worried. What you all say is very true. I am having a hard time keeping up with all the things sent to me. It seems that I have to go to two places to accept gifts …I will find some on my farmville game and also in game requests…I don’t understand why they don’t just put them all together any input into this. I feel that maybe I’m double dipping.

  • Mary Jane says:


    I have not used this site, and I am guilty of being one who judged it as a cheat site, I have not read until today how it works. My question is, when you do use it, does it leave a message that is was got by bonus checker, or can you choose to leave that off? I do not want to use this program if it shows I am.

    • karedas says:

      When you use bonus checkers it won’t leave any message, nor will it even like the post.
      It just displays the link used to get the bonus, and that’s all, it won’t spam you friends home page with tons of likes or thank you messages.
      The only message I may add in a near future is a “I just collected X bonuses using bonus checker” message that you’ll be able to post or not at your will (a “post” and a “skip” button), just to make your friends who don’t know it ear about bonus checker (I realised that after a year of existence, many people who are interrested in it only discover the bonus checker now).
      Auto posting messages without an action from the user is against Facbook API ToS.

  • Lisa says:

    what exactly does this mean, This app was not developed by Facebook.
    Isn’t it true that if you use any 3rd party app you are violating zynga terms of service and can get banned from their games.

    • karedas says:

      If you read zynga’s ToS carrefully, they state that you’re not allowed to use 3rd party application if they’re hacking their servers or the game’s code, or automating the gaming process or do anything that is a cheat.
      Nowhere does it state that every and any third party app is prohibited

  • Pat Hardy says:

    OK I am not opposed to any app that doesn’t close the gift to everyone else. Gamers Unite’s grabber takes the gift and closes the gift to anyone else who might be able to claim the gift. Does this app do that.

    • karedas says:

      No it doesn’t.
      All this app does when you click the link, is opening it, just as if it would be clicked on your wall.

      • Steve Shaw says:

        karedas, your response to Pat Hardy could be misunderstood. While it is true that “all this app does when you click the link, is opening it, just as if it would be clicked on your wall”, that does NOT address the question being asked by Pat.

        Pat, regardless of whether someone uses bonus checker, or an automated bot [Gamers Unite], or clicks on the link in their news feed: if it is a link that can only be claimed by one person, then once it has been clicked, it is gone. That is not the issue.

        The important distinction between Gamers Unite and FV Bonus Checker is that Gamers Unite AUTOMATICALLY CLICKS THE LINK. That is why it is so rude to use. It lets people grab stuff as soon as it shows up. Even if they are busy farming. Or if they are away from the computer. It is like having an assistant that is constantly looking for new feed items, and grabbing all the good ones. Gamers Unite == not friendly!

        Whereas Bonus Checker simply re-organizes the links on your wall.

  • Jan Rybarski says:

    Second to last paragraph third line, the word click is spelled lcick. Just saying…I see things like that. LOL Thank you for this explanation. I have farmville friends that thought I was cheating. Saying things like, “your name came up on this list.” Well I sent them the link. I don’t cheat and don’t want to be thought of as one. Thanks again.

  • Bonnie says:

    I had a neighbor message me today and told me if I didn’t remove the application she would have to remove me since she doesn’t condone the usage of such applications. I have used FV bonus checker from day one. I have no intention of not using it. I do usually take from the wall posts, but if I have been gone overnight or several hours, I don’t want to look through 30 pages of posts for 3 hours or more. Then I use the checker. If more people would think about it, basically what people are getting are leftovers that would go to waste if no one used the checker. And while I am looking for specific items on the checker, I am missing all of the new posts. So even though there is a plus to it, there is also that negative. So I wish everyone would just stop making a fuss about the bonus checkers…they are NOT cheating.

    • i agree with you bonnie i have used bonus checkers from day one also and have lost lots of neighbors because of this but its not a cheat gamers unite is though and if you want to get rid of this fine but please leave fv bonus checkers alone its there for people like us who do use it so what if others hate the idea so dont use it but doesnt mean its a cheat

  • Nilla Sniam says:

    I have changed my mind regarding this application, and I now use it regularly and do not mind if my neighbours do the same. My one problem with it is not being able to “like” the post, or to thank the person whose bonus I just collected. It really bothers me when people use up the bonus without acknowledging it.


  • toni stull says:

    sumhow my fv bonus checker is gone and i cant reload it can you please help me i tride the help but it was no help please help me i love the bonus checker

  • Outre says:

    I wrote this on another page, please let this stay here Xavier and delete the other if you don’t like duplicate posts.

    Folks, WE have to get proactive about FB Gaming and Friends.

    If an FB Friend complains to you and calls you names;

    [1] Try – once – point a) below;

    a) Explain how you click the Building, Mission, Collection, Crew Help Requests and love helping ALL of your Neighbors out to complete game actions in a reasonable amount of time.

    b) Tell them then that you couldn’t possibly do this without a Bonus Checker as you have many (game name) Neighbors and trying to check the Feed or each person’s Wall is too time consuming. You do have a RL too.

    [2] If they still fanatically complain and/or call you names, do yourself and the FB gaming community a favor and;

    a) If you like – send a message saying so, but do UnFriend them.

    b) Go to their Wall, scroll down and on the left find Report/Block. Click the link and BLOCK them when the box pops up so they can’t spy on your wall.

    There are millions of people playing FB games. Players who are “purists” don’t need us, and we don’t need them falsely Reporting Apps simply because they go against their “belief” system.

    Thank you.

  • Anna Rager says:

    There was a player on my facebook that said that the bonus checker was a cheat and was deleted 16 people who have it. Please let me know that this is not a cheat because I really dont want any problems with facebook.. I really enjoy the game. Thank you.

    • karedas says:

      Bonus Checkers are not cheat.

    • Outre says:

      Anna they are not a cheat.

      Do yourself a favor, that person who is “threatening”? Open their Wall in a new tab. Look for UnFriend on the left, you may have to scroll down a bit. Click UnFriend. Now look for Report/Block, click it, and then click Block.

      Breath a sigh of relief and take a breath of freedom.

      There is no reason why someone would call themselves “friend” in any way and try to restrict your behavior. You’re your own person, get rid of those who would make you their slave in any way.

  • Is there a limited number of hits each posted item can recieve? If so is there a way to program those items to remove them from the Bonus Checker as soon as they have reached there limit of hits so that we don’t have to click on 36 items to recieve only 2? Thanks!

    • karedas says:

      Some game have a limit some don’t.
      As each game manage their own rules, manage it on their own servers, and don’t provide any API to access this information, there’s no way to know from Facebook’s API how many times a link has been clicked.

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