I just added Castleville to the Game Bonus Checker.

Castleville Bonus Checker

Mafia Wars 2, Ravenskye City, My Shops and 19 other new games

I just added 22 games to the list of bonus checkers including high demanded Mafia Wars 2, Ravenskye City and My Shops .

Airport City Bonus Checker

Army Attack Bonus Checker

Barn Buddy Bonus Checker

Brain Buddies Bonus Checker

CSI: Crime City Bonus Checker

Dragons of Atlantis Bonus Checker

Gnome Town Bonus Checker

Happy Hospital Bonus Checker

HotShot Bonus Checker

Mafia Wars 2 Bonus Checker

Mahjong Trails Bonus Checker

MapleStory Adventures Bonus Checker

Miscrits: World of Adventure Bonus Checker

Monopoly Millionaires Bonus Checker

My Shops Bonus Checker

Mystery Manor Bonus Checker

Pyramidville Bonus Checker

Ravenskye City Bonus Checker

Slotomania Bonus Checker

Social Empire Bonus Checker

Top Eleven Football Manager Bonus Checker

Zuma Blitz Bonus Checker

Adventure World

I just added Adventure World to the Game Bonus Checker.

Adventure World Bonus Checker

Bookmarking Game Bonus Checker

When you add a Facebook bookmark to Game Bonus Checker, it may often be unvisible on Facebook ‘s home page when you have too many bookmarks.

Here’s how you can make it always visible.

On you news feed, in the bookmarks zone, if you put your mouse over the ‘APPS’ title, there’s a ‘MORE’ link, click it to get the list of all your bookmarked apps.


Bookmarking Game Bonus Checker 1

Bookmarking Game Bonus Checker 1
















Once on your bookmarks list, find Game Bonus Checker and click the blue pen that’s beside it, you’ll get an option to ‘Add to favorites’, click on this option.


Bookmarking Game Bonus Checker 2

Bookmarking Game Bonus Checker 2









From now the Game Bonus Checker bookmark will always be visible in the ‘FAVORITES’ box.


Bookmarking Game Bonus Checker 3

Bookmarking Game Bonus Checker 3

The Sims Social and The Smurfs & Co

I just added The Sims Social and The Smurfs & Co to the list of bonus checkers.

The Sims Social Bonus Checker

The Smurfs & Co Bonus Checker

Pioneer Trail

I just added Pioneer Trail on new bonus checker.

ou get your Pioneer Trail bonuses at

New Bonus Checkers requests

If you want a new bonus checker for a game that hasn’t one, place a comment here asking for it.

Empire & Allies

I just added Empire & Allies to the new Game Bonus Checker

Empire & Allies Bonus Checker

New Bonus Checker update

I coded a typo in new bonus checker that bookmarked a wrong url when clicking bookmark link in the menu ( with a missing ‘s’, right url is

I just fixed it. Anyone who bookmarked the site before now should remove the bookmark and add it again from the site to be sure to have the good one.

New Game Bonus Checker

I finaly programmed the last touch of an old idea that ran in my head.

You can now use the new Game Bonus Checker, it only work for Farmville  for the moment as it was my testing game, but I’ll quickly add all other games to it.

You can find it following this link:

You may want to invite your friends to this new checker as it most likely will the only one staying active on long term.

Edit: New Game Bonus Checker now works for Cityville, Farmville, Cafe World, Frontierville and Zoo World